Proto-Tel, Inc. has been a manufacturer of customized high quality telecommunications products for over 30 years and we promote our products primarily through the telecommunication and electrical distribution channels.

Proto-Tel, Inc. is willing to work with your favorite local distributor and we are very easy to work with. Please forward your favorite distributors contact information to us and we will contact them immediately.


* These companies are authorized distributors of Proto-Tel products. They may not stock all of our products at every location. In the event that your product is not in stock, please have your local distributor contact us.

Dealer/Reseller Program

The Preferred Dealer/Reseller program is designed to provide additional benefits to companies which demonstrate a commitment to promote Proto-Tel’s products. Participation in the program is open to all companies which have been approved as an Authorized Dealer/Reseller and supplied a credit application. Continued participation in the program will be evaluated annually, based upon the Preferred Reseller’s sales volume, payment history, and efforts to promote Proto-Tel’s products.

Credit Card purchases

Proto-Tel, Inc. accepts credit card purchases from small companies and end users where purchasing options are limited and time is critical.

All purchase orders must meet the $35.00 minimum and there will be shipping/handling fees for most accounts.